7 Ways to Cut Your Business’ Cleaning Costs

7 Ways to Cut Your Business’ Cleaning Costs



Whether you run a restaurant, store, office, or other business, cleaning is going to be a part of your operating costs. You must maintain tidy facilities for comfort and safety. It’s also a key part of professionalism. If a customer enters your establishment and sees dust, dirt, and disorganisation, it will reflect poorly on your company. The following methods will help reduce your cleaning costs while maintaining a healthy environment for employees and customers.


  1. Use Multi-Surface or All-Purpose Cleaning Products

Cut back on the number of products that you have to keep in stock by choosing those designed for multiple surfaces or purposes. This can cut down on expenses and reduce the amount of storage space required in your cleaning supply closet. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you are using each product correctly for optimum results.


  1. Do Not Buy Cleaning Products on the Fly

You may be tempted to buy cleaning products on the fly after seeing an ad, speaking to a salesperson, or finding it on a store shelf. Do not do this. You should only make well-informed purchases for your business, even when it comes to bottles of cleaner. Also, many distributors will offer free samples so you can test the product before investing any money into it.


  1. Switch to Concentrated Cleaning Solutions

Concentrated cleaning solution is a good way to stretch your monthly budget. These products are effective and last longer. Make sure you read the label, so you know how to properly mix them to get the most cleaning power without overusing.


  1. Choose Cleaning Products That Perform Well

You may be tempted to buy cheap cleaning products based on price alone. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Often, the lowest priced products tend to be the least effective. That means you may have to use more of the product per cleaning. It also may mean more time and labour is required to finish basic tasks. Choose products that are economical but also high-quality.


  1. Train Staff on How to Properly Handle Cleaning Equipment

Train all staff on how to properly use cleaning equipment. Abuse is one of the primary reasons equipment needs to be replaced. Show them how to correctly use everything and where it should be stored when they are finished. It will prolong the life of your supplies and promote a safe working environment.


  1. Buy in Larger Quantities for Bulk Discounts When Possible

Order your cleaning supplies in large quantities to take advantage of bulk discounts. If you are a small operation with lower quantity needs, consider partnering with another organisation. You can order together, save money, and still buy just what you need to keep your facility tidy.


  1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service to Do It for You

Cleaning takes time and money. Every minute your employees spend sweeping, vacuuming or dusting is a minute they aren’t spending on inventory, customers, and other aspects of your business. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service, so you know exactly how much it will cost to get the job done right.


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