dish soap collection

What Else Can You Do with Dish Soap?: Practical Methods for Everyday Cleaning

What Else Can You Do with Dish Soap?: Practical Methods for Everyday Cleaning

dish soap collection


Most people buy dish soap for one obvious reason: to scrub off plates, cups, utensils, and cookware. While this cleaning product is great for its intended purpose, it’s actually far more versatile than that. There are many things that you can do with the dish soap that’s already sitting next to the kitchen sink.


  • Remove Soap Scum on Walls, Shower Stalls, & Tubs

Soap scum can be a chore to remove, and it looks gross in the bathroom. You can remove it with a dish soap mixture. Combine one tablespoon of cornstarch with one cup of distilled white vinegar and microwave for one to two minutes.


Next, pour 2 tablespoons of dish soap into a spray bottle followed by the vinegar mixture. Shake to combine then spray on soap scum. Leave the solution on for approximately 10 minutes then rinse away and wipe with a cloth. Repeat until all soap scum is gone.


  • Make Your Countertops Look Amazing

You don’t need an extra cleaning spray to take care of your countertops. Instead, combine dish soap with warm water. This can be done in a bucket or right in the kitchen sink. Use a clean cloth to wipe down countertops using even vertical or horizontal strokes. It also works on cabinet doors.


  • Lift Away Stains on Fabrics

Dish soap is also a great stain remover. Combine one part soap with three parts hydrogen peroxide then apply to stain and leave on for several minutes. You should notice the stain begin to fade. If you don’t see fading, apply more of the mixture. Once the stain has faded, wash clothing as you normally do.


  • Mop Hard Floors without Additional Cleaners

If you hate buying extra cleaners to wipe down hard floors, try substituting with dish soap. It’s great for mopping. Just combine several drops with a bucket of warm water. Mop as you normally would, removing excess water then allowing the floor to dry completely before using.


  • Make Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkle

Stainless steel appliances look great, but can be difficult to keep clean. There are special products available for these types of surfaces, but they can be expensive. Instead, combine water and dish soap then wipe appliances. Make sure you wipe with the grain to get a nice, streak-free clean. You can follow up by polishing with baby oil.


  • Remove Fingerprints from Windows & Glass

No matter how hard you try, fingerprints and dust will find their way onto glass. Get a streak-free clean by wiping with water and dish soap. Marks will come right off, and your windows will look perfect.


Save money and space in your cleaning closet by letting dish soap handle more of your daily chores. It’s less expensive than other cleaners and only requires a small amount to finish most jobs. You have to keep it on hand anyway for the dishes, so you might as well get as much use out of it as you can!


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