The Secret to Effective Housecleaning: Make Your Home Sparkle in Less Time

The Secret to Effective Housecleaning: Make Your Home Sparkle in Less Time


A clean home
Clean Home

Balancing life and chores can be a challenge in the modern world. Today, adults are always on the go. Many households include multiple working adults who juggle responsibilities as well as day-to-day tasks like cooking and cleaning. What can you do to make your home sparkle in less time?


Create a Cleaning System That Works for You
Every household is different with unique needs. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all cleaning system. You should work out a method that is ideal based on your situation. Start by writing a list of what needs done in order of priority. Next, figure out when the best times to clean are and start scheduling. This process should also include knowing exactly how to complete each task and what order they should be completed in.


Clean from the Top Down
Cleaning should always be done from the top down. That means starting at the highest point in the room and working towards the bottom. You should plan to work in the same direction as well, usually left to right. This will allow you to remove dust and debris without having to go over the same spots twice. Finish each task once so you can enjoy your free time!


Get the Right Cleaning Tools for Each Job
The right tools can shave minutes off of each cleaning task. It’s easy to overlook the importance of your cleaning equipment. When buying, look for tools that are well-made and offer good quality for the price. That usually means not buying the cheapest option, but rather the one that will last a long time and allow you to work efficiently.


Also, consider any tools that you may be missing. For example, you can dust with a paper towel or old cloth, but a duster with a handle may allow you to work quicker. You will have an extended reach, reduce waste, and you can hang your duster up when you’re done, so it takes up less storage space.


Don’t Forget to Dust Daily
Dusting is one of those chores everyone hates, but we all have to do. It’s easy to ignore it until you start to see dust accumulating in your home. Daily dusting is one of the best ways to maintain a clean house all the time. A quick wipe down each day can make your living space look amazing!


You do not have to use cleaning sprays when dusting. Simply wiping off surfaces with a duster is usually enough to remove dirt and restore the look of blinds, furniture, picture frames, shelves, and other items in your home.


Plan Short Cleaning Sessions to Keep Up
Short sessions more often are usually much more manageable than doing one big weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. This approach also makes it possible to take care of chores anytime throughout the day.


Do you have a few spare minutes before breakfast or after lunch? Use them to get your vacuuming or dusting in. Can you talk and clean at the same time? Take care of small chores while you’re on the phone. This cleaning secret will keep your home in perfect condition while leaving your evenings and weekends open for fun, business, family commitments, or whatever you want to do!


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