How to Clean Your Office in 5 Steps

How to Clean Your Office in 5 Steps

Clean office


A clean workspace is a productive workspace. You can function more efficiently when everything is in its place, and you have no distractions. That’s why it’s a good idea to tidy up your office each day. If you are dealing with a messy workspace, then the following steps will help you get things back in order!


Office Cleaning Step 1: Put Papers & Supplies Away:
If your work is overflowing onto your desk or other surfaces, put it away. Find a place for everything from important documents to office supplies. Assign a spot where these items always go, so that you know where to find them from here on out.


Office Cleaning Step 2: Organise Your Drawers & Cabinets:
Now that you know what has to go in your drawers and cabinets, it’s time to clean these storage spaces out. If you need to, add in some small trays or containers to separate things like pens, pencils, erasers, and paper clips. Also, wipe out the inside of all drawers and cabinets before putting items back inside.

If you are having trouble finding room for everything, it may be time to add another piece of furniture to your office. A second cabinet or bookshelf can make it much easier to stay organised. It’s also better than stacking random objects out in the open.


Office Cleaning Step 3: Dust All Surfaces & Office Décor:
Once everything is put away, it’s time to dust. Start with the highest level surfaces in your office, like the tops of filing cabinets or shelves. Work your way down so that dust is falling to the floor and not over surfaces that you already cleaned. Remember to check corners and ceilings for cobwebs. These should be knocked down first.

Also, make sure you dust off any real or fake plants decorating your office. Silk leaves and flowers will need cleaned more often than the real thing.


Office Cleaning Step 4: Clean Windows, Door Knobs, & Fixtures:
If you have any windows in your office, keep them clear and smudge-free. Natural light can brighten your workspace and can lift your mood. They also look more professional. Don’t forget to clean any interior windows as well, like panes on your office door. This is a good time to tackle any shades or blinds you may have hanging up.

Also wipe down door knobs, light fixtures, your chair, and anything else that wasn’t previously cleaned.


Office Cleaning Step 5: Vacuum or Sweep Floors:
At this point, your entire office except the floors should be clean. Give them a thorough vacuuming or sweeping. Pay close attention to corners and walls, especially areas that are behind furniture.

Now that your office is in perfect order, you can keep it that way by spending a little time tidying up each day. Save a few minutes before you’re done working to stow documents and supplies and to give your furniture a quick dusting. It will make a big difference in your productivity and happiness while on the job.


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